The cuisine... our passion

Tradition, taste and authenticity

Our management policy has as main but not the only objective the quality and authenticity of the products that we select every day from local markets. Freshness is guaranteed through a careful and scrupulous choice of raw materials purchased from our suppliers.

Homemade is the factor that sets us apart from breakfast: guests have the opportunity to taste donuts, pies, fresh fruit salad, yogurt, cereals, salted prepared espresso on request. To satisfy any customer need, we have different types of milk available, in addition to fresh, partially skimmed, soy milk and rice milk.

The proposal for lunch and dinner consists of a choice between three first courses and three second courses, always guaranteeing the presence of a fish dish, and a vast buffet of hot and cold vegetables.

The menu is created on the basis of the products that the market offers daily.

The sommelier will provide you with the right information to guide you on choosing the most appropriate wine for your taste.

Particular attention is paid to younger guests with nutritious menus specially designed for them.

Lunch & Dinner

Buffet of hot and cold vegetables<br /> Choice between 3 first courses<br /> Choice between 3 seconds<br /> Fruits<br /> Dessert

Opening time

Breakfast / 07:30 - 10:00

Lunch / 13:00 โ€“ 13:30

Dinner / 20:00 โ€“ 20:30

zuppa di pesce
Uneaten meals cannot be recovered or deducted